Thursday 26 April 2012

Job Site: Saxoncourt

Saxoncourt has jobs as well as TEFL cert courses.  As far as their jobs go, they have openings in China, Italy, Japan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam. They've been in the field since 1989, but you need to understand that they're recruiters. For example, in Asia, they often recruit for Shane English Schools, which doesn't have the best reputation.

Remember that some people hate recruiters and others love them. What I can say is that some of the info on their site seems way too good to be true. For example, pay is Peru is about £1300, which roughly works out to $2000. This is more than I got working for an international school in Peru. With most language institutes in Peru you're going to be making about $600 a month. They also claim that it takes about 6 months to get a working visa, when it usually only takes a month or two.

If you do a search for Saxoncourt on Dave's ESL Cafe you'll see that most people portray Saxoncourt in a negative light. I don't have first hand experience with them, but just reading their information about Peru makes me think that it's too good to be true. In addition, they recruit for countries where it's easy to find a job on your own. With the exception of Italy and Spain (if you don't have an EU passport, but even then the Ministry of Education has programmes for non-EUers) and Peru (you can find free lists of schools at The LA Job List), you can pretty much send out your CV after answering a job advert and get jobs in these countries. If I were you, I'd give them a pass and try to find a job on my own.

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