Sunday 5 February 2012

Hot Topic: Online TEFL Certs

Updated 28 November 2014

Since technology has become a part of life, people are looking at ways to study without having to take time off work.  Online masters degree programmes are popping up all over the place, as are online TEFL certs. Is this good or bad?  Well, it's both.  Some places are legit and some aren't.

The general concensus is that a TEFL cert should have 100 (or 120) hours with 6 hours of teaching practice. Most online courses are shorter than 100 hours; they may only be 30 or 60.  In addition, few of them actually have any teaching practice component. Some of them do, for example, the CELTA can now by mainly done online. CCELT is a 100-hour online TEFL certificate. There's also one from the University of Toronto that has 100, 120, and 150 hour options.

So if you're going to study a TEFL cert you should do it right.  If you want to do one online, make sure there's a practical teaching component.  Sometimes you have to travel to the TEFL course provider or sometimes they allow you to ask an experienced teacher to observe and grade you.

What do you think?
Are online certs worth it?  Is it better to do one on-site?

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