Sunday 19 February 2012

Hot Topic: Summer and Winter Camps

You've just been told that you get to teach an English camp. There'll be fun, games, and of course a whole lot of English learning going on. It'll be all day, from at least 9am to 6pm, but hopefully you'll get paid extra for teaching it. Some employers make it mandatory by sticking it in the contract.

Camps can be good and bad. The good thing is that students are exposed to English all day and they often only last for a week or two. The bad news is that they're often poorly organised and not very well paid for all the work that goes into them.

Both students and teachers are usually exhausted after camps and sometimes teachers end up feeling bitter because of all the hardwork they put in and having to constantly be on their toes, especially if they aren't paid extra.

What do you think?
Do camps help students learn English or are they just a way for the school to get publicity?  If you had to teach a camp lately, did you get paid extra for doing so?

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