Thursday 15 December 2011

Job Site: CfBT

CfBT has 40 years experience helping people get the education they deserve.  They're a UK based organisation, but perhaps what's more interesting to teachers is that they place licensed teachers (those that are NQT or have QTS) in school in Abu Dhabi, Brunei and Oman.  You can find these jobs on their International Careers' section. It's not open to Americans, however. 

Since you'd be working at an international school, you'd get lots of perks and benefits that come from working as a licensed teacher abroad. If you're not a licensed teacher and enjoy teaching children aged K-12, then it might be something to look into since it can greatly boost your career. You'll probably have to specialise in primary school or a subject in secondary school, since there aren't too many TEFL teachers at international schools. Here's a list of alternative teaching license routes. Some can be done completely online.

Got an idea for a job site?
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