Sunday 25 December 2011

Hot Topic: Two Weeks of Vacation

Teachers work hard year round and look forward to their vacations. ESL and EFL teachers are no exceptions, but things are starting to change.

As more and more teachers work for institutes, those long vacations which used to last at least a month or two are decreasing to as few as two weeks. Those who work in schools or Europe may get longer vacation, but it might not be paid vacation. Universities in Korea still offer good vacations. Some places offer up to 5 months of paid vacation.

While Americans are used to only getting two weeks; Europeans often get at least four weeks. Some people say that it's only fair that ESL and EFL teachers get shorter vacations, but others disagree. After all, teachers often spend time at home grading papers, exams, creating lesson plans, or preparing for class.

What do you think?
Are vacations too short for teachers nowadays?  How long do you get?  Is your vacation paid or unpaid?

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