Thursday 29 December 2011

Job Site: DoDEA

The DoDEA, Department of Defense Educational Activity, has schools in many countries around the world for children of US servicemen.  Since the US seem to open military bases in more and more countries if you're a US citizen and are a licensed teacher, then you could work in one of these schools.

As with many US government documents, you're going to have to wade through a lot of paperwork, but once you're in the system you just have to wait to get hired. Keep in mind that some people have had to wait years and if you don't update your information at least once a year it will get deleted.

However, despite these, working for the government can have good perks, such as free or heavily discounted education for your own kids. In addition, the DoDEA pays pretty well, they're one of the highest among the 50 states, and the added benefits, such as housing, COLA (cost of living allowance), hardship pay (Korea's considered a difficult place to live in, for example), and flights make the package even better.

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