Sunday 17 May 2015

The Golden Ticket: Teaching English Abroad

The following post is from a guest blogger, Patrick Wolf. He's hoping to start a debate on the need for writing instruction and would welcome feedback. You can reach him at

The Golden Ticket: Teaching English Abroad
Whether you’re fresh out of college or experiencing a mid-life crisis a passport from a major English speaking country, such as the United States, enables one to cash in a “Golden Ticket”. That “Golden Ticket” enables an individual to teach English almost anywhere in the world! I was suffering a mild mid-life crisis myself and was looking for a way to combine my love of travel and helping others.

My name is Patrick and I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin and in 2008 I decided to come to South Korea at the age of 45 to teach English. I teach children from the ages of 8 to 18 at an English Academy called a “hogwon”. I teach English 30 hours a week and receive great benefits such as; good pay, two week vacation, free flight, free apartment, cheap utilities, affordable health-care and a great life style! That is why one year teaching quickly turned into four years and after a quick year in America to deal with some personal tragedy I came back to South Korea to a life I have grown to love.

 I recently just decided to stay another year. I will be here at least until May, 2016. Over the years I have met many people from all ages and different countries and the one thing we all have in common was wishing we would have cashed in that “Golden Ticket” sooner! So, whether you’re looking to pay off some college loans or fill in a gap year why not seriously think about teaching English overseas. I will post again soon and if you have any questions feel free to contact me by e-mail.


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