Sunday 10 May 2015

Name Discrimination in TEFL

From Nigerian Curiosity
I've previously written about different types of discrimination in TEFL. There's lookism, ageism (too old or too young), sexual orientation, racism, and sexism. Name discrimination also comes into play. If you have a first or last name that may be perceived as foreign, be prepared for prospective employers to ask you about it.

I've been asked more times that I can count how I learned English due to my last name. English is my native language. My last name changed due to marriage. I know that because of it I have lost out on interviews. That's ok. I don't mind. I'd rather not work for people who are biased.

The same thing happens back home. The Huffington Post recently wrote about a man who dropped one letter from his name and got more responses from his CV he sent out. He went from Jose to Joe.


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