Sunday 8 February 2015

Quick Tip: Offer Your Students the Chance to Earn Extra Credit

After the semester ends I invariably get a few emails from students asking me to raise their grades. Unfortunately I have to grade on a curve and that means some people don't get the grade they deserve. More often than not students will cite effort as a reason for getting a higher grade. As much would like to give them points for effort, they are graded on results. I can try as hard as I want in a Chemistry class and I still won't end up with an A.

One point can separate an A student from a B student or a B student from a C student. Since I believe that students should have multiple ways for earning points (such as quizzes, tests, exams, being prepared, attendance, participation, homework, etc), I also offer them two chances to do extra credit.

My classes are based on 100 points and each extra credit assignment is worth 1 point. Other teachers may do things differently. Perhaps offering more points or a scale (1-5 points) depending on what is done. I just started offering extra credit about two years ago and am happy with the results. Students get more chances to use English and they may earn enough points to bump them up a grade.


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