Sunday 17 August 2014

6 Tips for Teaching Intermediate Students

There seem to be a lot of tips out there for beginners and advanced students, but few for intermediate students. It's a shame, because intermediate students hit a plateau and can get easily discouraged. Below you will find some tips for helping your intermediate students and keeping them motivated.
  1. Teach your students how they can improve their English. Students tend to get stuck in a rut and not try new ideas. Show them what else they can do. 
  2. Have students keep track of their goals. They should look at them regularly and cross of the goals they've achieved and think about what they can do to reach the other goals. 
  3. Try recording students regularly. A simple tape recorder will do, though videos are better. Students can watch  themselves and see how much progress they've made.
  4. Portfolios are great as well. Students should save their work and look back to see what they've achieved.
  5. Try new activities. ESL About has tips for teachers and students. You can also find a lot of links in the lesson planning article.
  6. Have more advanced students come in and talk about their language learning experience. They can give tips on overcoming the intermediate plateau as well.


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