Thursday 17 May 2012

Job Site: Dave's ESL Cafe

If you're an ESL or EFL teacher and haven't heard of people talk about Dave's, then you've been living in a bubble. Best known for its forums and job board, Dave's ESL Cafe has been around forever.

There are a couple sections to the job part of Dave's: the Korean Job Board, the China Job Board, the International Job Board, the Job Wanted (Resume) Board, Job Links, Post Your Resume, and Recruit Teachers.

While I wouldn't recommend posting your resume, the rest of the links are great. I don't think you should post your resume/CV because chances are the people who check out resumes are mainly recruiters. Think about it: if you wanted a teacher for your English school would you rather scour the boards looking for teachers or place an advert and have them email you? Recruiters on the other hand, simply email everyone and anyone who posted their resume, even if the job is in a country where they don't want to teach.

The TEFL jobs are pretty good. There are still recruiters, but the jobs, ranging from entry level to more administrative positions. There are even public schools in the US, the British Council, and teacher training positions. So check out Dave's next time you're looking for a job.

Got an idea for a job site?
Email me with your job site, name, and website (if you have one) and I'll post it ASAP.


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