Sunday 25 March 2012

Hot Topic: 4 Types Teacher Evaluations

Updated 13 June 2014

There are probably four main types of teacher evaluations:
Let's look at those done by students. Although I think it's great to get feedback from students it can easily backfire.
  • First, if the students are ESL or EFL students, the evaluation should be written in their native language so that they understand. 
  • Secondly, students may not take them seriously enough and just whip through them. 
  • Third, the admin might put too much emphasis on student evaluations and may use them as a basis to renew a teacher or not. 
  • Fourth, students may use the evaluation to get revenge for a bad grade. 
  • Fifth, it raises a question of ethics and a shifting of power. Now students hold the power in their hands. Teachers are resorting to pizza parties and giving out grades like candy.  
  • Lastly, evaluations are often nothing more than a popularity contest thus really not serving their purpose.

What do you think?
Do you think students evaluate teachers fairly? How important are teacher evaluations where you work?

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