Friday 23 March 2012

F Visa Info on Will Wiggle's Blog

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a new blog for teachers in Korea and linked to the Private School Act (in Korean and English) on Will Wiggle's blog. Will Wiggle contacted me and asked if I knew anything new about the F visas (F2-S /F2-7, F2-99, and F5-A) in Korea.

I had previously been asked by Chris in South Korea (now writing for Travel Wire Asia) to write about F visas for those not married to Koreans, so I updated the info and sent it over to Will Wiggle. You can read more about them at wouldn't you like an F visa?

Once you get your F visa you could check out AFEK (started by Mike Yates aka Scouse Mouse on Dave's ESL Cafe and highly supported by T-J. Though AFEK has gotten a bad rap since they started due to a fight with ATEK. The owner has banned most of the users, threatened several prominent community members, and generally just killed the site.) or Geoju (started by crossmr on Dave's ESL Cafe and seems to be a much better group) or ExpatHell (which has an invitation-only forum).

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