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Visa Issues and Benefits to Consider When Moving Abroad

Updated 13 February 2012

While some countries give tourist visas upon arrival others may require you to get on beforehand. Some countries require round-trip tickets or proof-of-funds before they let you on the plane or into the country. Here are some things you should know before you go.

Getting a Teaching Job upon Arrival
Wear professional clothes (no shorts, jeans, tank tops, or sandals) and go to schools with your CV in hand. After interviewing you may have to do a short demo lesson, but don't worry, relax and smile.

Teaching on a Tourist Visa
In some countries it's not uncommon for people to work on tourist visas, however, in other countries you're risking being put in prison, being fined, or deported. If you are teaching on a tourist visa you may have to border hop every once in a while. In some countries you could just overstay your visa and pay the fine as you leave. This is often cheaper than border hopping.

Getting a Work Visa to Teach
Check with your employer about what you need to bring. Often you will need to get your original university degree and transcripts. Read your contract carefully. Typical contracts usually include the minimum number of guaranteed hours, amount and frequency of pay, length of service, hours the teachers must be available to teach, whether teachers can teach classes outside of the school, and how the contract can be broken.

Some places have "no compete" policies. This varies from school to school and can mean anything from not being able to teach at another school while you work for them, not being able to teach privates, or even not being able to teach in the same city for X months after you finish their contract.

Typical Teaching Benefits
Housing and flights are common benefits. Housing is often a big expense so if that's taken care of you'll have one less thing to worry about. Some places will provide housing or assistance in finding housing. If housing is provided be sure to ask for details such as is it furnished, shared, and if utilities are covered. If you have your own housing, find out about costs, such as utilities.

Other places such as the Middle East and Asia, as well as international schools may provide other benefits such as pension, a contract completion bonus, allowances for your children's education, shipping allowances, and more.

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