Wednesday 10 September 2014

The Best TEFL Jobs in Colombia

Here's the information for Colombia for The Best TEFL Jobs in the World. The LA Job List has more schools that you might want to work for in Colombia. You might also want to look at The Best TEFL Jobs With Worldwide Employers.  

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know by emailing me at
  1. British Council
  2. International House Bogota They pay around $2 million pesos a month.
  3. Universidad de la Sabana
  4. Universidad de los Andes
  5. Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla: You'll get about US $2400 a month, 30 days paid vacation, and Carnival and Holy Week off. Tenure is also possible after one year. If you have a year-to-year contract, you'll get 15 days paid vacation and a ticket home every year, instead of every two years.
  6. Universidad EAFIT
  7. Universidad EAN: They pay around $3-4million pesos a month.
  8. Universidad Externado de Colombia
  9. Universidad Manuela Beltran: They pay around $3million pesos a month and have locations in various cities.



  1. Are these jobs that one could get with a degree and a CELTA? What are their requirements?

    1. Yes. You could. You would have to ask each job about their requirements.


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