Tuesday 11 March 2014

Hot Topic: Admin Won’t Let Teachers Sit Down

From usaveinclinics.com
I was talking to a friend the other day and he was complaining that his feet hurt. It’s a common complaint among TEFL teachers, so I told him he should sit down while students are working. He told me he couldn’t: teachers weren’t allowed to sit down at his institute. Teachers are expected to stay the entire class, every class.

That’s a bit ridiculous. I know that the push is for teachers walk around the room and monitor students, but it doesn’t have to be constant.

First, it’s hard on teachers. Web MD says that long periods of standing can cause varicose veins. The NHS backs this research up.

Secondly, it’s really annoying for the students. Imagine being a student and constantly having a teacher walk around and look over your shoulder to check your work. It would be nerve wracking and seem like the teacher didn’t trust you to do your work.

Third, standing up doesn’t really serve a purpose. Some people say it helps control a class, but let’s face it, if you can’t control them sitting down, you probably can’t control them standing up. Others say it makes the teacher look more professional. I disagree. There’s more to it such as appropriate clothing and posture.

However, I realise that some places don’t really care about this. Many institutes are run by people who have no idea about teaching and have never taught a class in their lives: they’re just business people and there’s nothing that will make them change their mind. If that’s the case and if you do have to be on your feet all day, Wed MD suggests stretching your legs (on slide 19)


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