Monday 8 July 2013

Quick Tip: Using Active Teaching in the Classroom

No longer are teachers seen as know-it-alls. The enhanced lecture and the pause procedure show that students can teach each other just as well, if not better, than teachers can.

Of course nowadays the move it shifting towards active teaching, which takes Dale's Cone into consideration. There are times when passive teaching does have its place, but try to use active teaching in your class as well.

Passive teaching assumes students . . .
  • know very little
  • empty vessels
  • listen
  • rote memory is used

Passive teaching assumes teachers . . .
  • know-it-all
  • are vessels of knowledge
  • lecture
  • expect students to memorise

Active teaching assumes students . . .
  • have a lot to offer
  • practice
  • find out rules through trial and error
  • work in groups, alone, or with partners
  • can teach other students

Active teaching assumes teachers . . .
  • guide
  • assist
  • facilitate
  • know that students can help each other


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