Thursday 18 July 2013

Quick Tip: Questions To Ask About Teacher Housing

Some schools help with housing. They might give you free housing, a housing allowance, or simply help you find housing. You might also want to read the pros and cons of getting a housing allowance and the pros and cons of getting free housing. Here are some questions you should ask.
  • Is there housing or a housing allowance?
  • Is there helping find a flat? How much is the rent / utilities typically? Is it necessary to put down key money? How much is it usually?
  • If housing is provided what's included? How many bedrooms? Is there a balcony / parking / AC / internet?
  • Is the water and electricity in your housing reliable? Does it get turned off often?
  • Will you put new wallpapering up and new flooring down?
  • How far is the housing from the school?
  • Is it shared housing?
  • Is it close to stores, bus stops, etc?


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