Sunday 24 June 2012

Hot Topic: Hardship Allowance

Some employers, like the US army offers both a hardship allowance and COLA (cost of living allowance). While most employers involved in education don't offer COLA, some of them offer a hardship allowance.

Hardship allowances are often given to teachers who have to live out in the countryside. Take a university with two campuses, one in the city and one out in the boonies. The one out in the boonies will often give teachers a hardship allowance for having to live so far from the city.

Applying for jobs like this one work to your advantage. First, there are often less applicants so you have a better chance of getting the job. Second, costs of living are often lower. Third, the extra money from the hardship allowance means that you make more. Lastly, since you're so far from the city, there's probably a lot less to do, meaning that you'll save more, unless you go into the city every weekend.

Not all employers offer hardship allowances, so don't just assume that they do. In Korea, many places such as universities and public schools will.

What do you think?
Do you think hardship allowances are fair? Are you getting a hardship allowance?

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