Sunday 17 January 2010

5 Tips for Giving Homework

Updated 18 February 2012

Daily: Chances are that if you don't assign homework the majority of the students aren't going to review what you did it class.

KISS: Keep it short and simple.

Make it relevant:  Creating schedule (present), describing people (present), explaining about how they met their partner (past), talking about their favorite teacher (past), naming goals (future) or making predictions about their country (future) work well. Opinion and T/F questions are good as well. Try asking your students to simply read an (online, newspaper, magazine) article, tell the class about it and give their opinion on what they read. Ask students to listen to something (news, movies, interviews, youtube, etc.) then say what they remembered or what their opinion is.

Don't assign homework at the end of class: Typical classes are often wrapped up by the teacher saying, "Ok class, do exercises A and B on page 27 for homework." Students might not have heard and they will probably forget about it. In addition, they have no time to ask questions about it. Write the assignment on the board and go over the exercise to make sure the students know what is expected. Another idea is to assign homework after you deal with the particular teaching point you were practising.

Acknowledge it: If you can't correct it on your own go over it as a class. Students can check their own or exchange papers. By doing this you can answer any questions students may have.

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