Wednesday 14 January 2009

Health and Travel Insurance for TEFL Teachers

Updated 17 July 2016

If you're going to live abroad you need health insurance. Some employers will give you insurance. You should find out if it's a public or private. There are some countries with great public health care and there are others that have terrible public health care. Getting into the system may be difficult since you may have to book an appointment weeks in advance or get a referral just to see a doctor at the hospital. Some have an unskilled medical billing and coding workforce. There are things to consider when dealing with medical issues abroad. Budget Travel has 6 things to keep in mind about medical care abroad. If you're eligible to get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), please do so. It's free and can be life saving.

If you're working abroad, you should be able to get national insurance where you live. However, when you go to travel, you may not be able to buy the extra travel insurance that citizens of that country can buy. For example, in Korea, they sell insurance at the airport but sometimes will not sell it to people who aren't Korean citizens. Even going through your home country might not work since many travel insurance companies will refuse to sell you insurance if you don't reside in that country.

Here are some companies that might be able to help you out. If you buy your own insurance ask if they cover medically supervised emergency evacuations, emergency reunions, repatriation of remains, and lost or stolen goods. Lonely Planet recommends World Nomad. Another popular insurance company for is BUPA. Check out the links below for more companies.



  1. If you are a frequent traveler, then it is advisable that you acquire multiple-trip travel health insurance policies. This kind of policy need not be renewed every time you travel abroad and can be very affordable too.

  2. Ok, but why buy multiple policies if you can buy one GOOD one that will cover everything?


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