Friday 10 April 2015

Same Event, Different Versions: Teachers vs Admin

Have 100 people watch the same event and you'll have 100 different versions of what happened. It's no secret that people change events in order to make themselves look good. Nor is it a secret that admin will not hesitate to skew events in order to get rid of teachers they don't like. Opinions vary greatly as you might notice in 50 ways to get high student evaluations. Below are 15 examples.


Admin: The teacher accepted bribes.
Teacher: My students gave me a coffee cup for Teachers' Day.

Admin: The teacher endagered students' lives.
Teacher: I moved the podium and it was blocking part of one of the doors.

Admin: The teacher let students leave early.
Teacher: Students had speaking exams in pairs. They were scheduled for 10 minute slots. Once they finished their exams they could leave.

Admin: The teacher was using the school's secretary as their personal secretary.
Teacher: I live in the school's housing. The heater didn't work so I asked the secretary to please contact the person who could fix it. It's their housing, so they're the landlord.

Admin: The teacher socialises with students outside of class.
Teacher: I went to the school festival to see what my students were doing. I didn't cancel class, but went during my free time.

Admin: The teacher changed a student's grade.
Teacher: I have dsylexia. I gave one of my students an 18 instead of an 81.

Admin: The teacher touched a student.
Teacher: One of my students tripped in the hallway. I helped her up.

Admin: The teacher took extra vacation time.
Teacher: My mom passed away. I let my school know and went home for the funeral.

Admin: The teacher lied on their CV.
Teacher: I didn't put all my certifications on my CV.

Admin: The teacher was stealing students and teaching them privately.
Teacher: The students had taken the highest classes available at the school and graduated. I started teaching them after that.

Admin: The teacher allowed students to use their phones in class.
Teacher: Yes, I did, but they were doing research and using their dictionaries.

Admin: The teacher skipped class.
Teacher: I got the flu and told the students we'd reschedule next week.

Admin: The teacher stole the school's books.
Teacher: I took books home in order to work at home. I always brought them back.

Admin: The teacher was sleeping with one of the school's students.
Teacher: We're married and she's a PhD student. I teach freshmen.

Admin: The teacher was drinking during school hours.
Teacher: The dean took all of out to lunch. We all had a glass of wine.


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