Sunday 11 November 2012

Hot Topic: Shared Housing

While it's not that common, some employers try to cut costs by having teachers live together. Some people opt to live together if they're friends or partners, but even then it's dodgy. An employer should pay housing for each teacher. Just because two teachers come to work together, doesn't mean that the employer shouldn't give both of them their own housing or a housing allowance.

If you're asked to share housing, tell your boss no politely, but firmly. Most owners of English schools are making hand over fist and don't need to cut corners. Shared housing is ok in university or if it's your choice, however, it shouldn't be imposed on you.

What do you think?
What do you think about shared housing? Did your employer put you in shared housing?

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  1. we had a nice house in saigon but the large english lady with a masters degree in human rights was reluctant to apply same regarding her housemates. when you have to see someone at work the next day these conflicts detract from the possible enjoyment of work as well as home [i actually would have enjoyed the work had a couple of the ladies not been moaning minnies - pay was ok; students were fine] .. so.. i don't discount sharing [saves ripoff for example if you have never worked in the country] but it ain't for me.


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