Monday 1 August 2011

How to Use Videos in an EFL Classroom

Updated 18 June 2014

I compiled this information from two workshops given by Rebecca Saavedra and Jenny Perez at UDEP (The University of Piura, Peru).

Videos are great to use in class because they're fun, useful, and real. They also take the focus off the teacher and can make classes more student centred.
  • Talk to your neighbour. Students turn to the person next to them and tell them a little about what they saw.
  • Jot it down. Take notes about what happened.
  • Describe it. Write a brief description using as many sensory words as possible.
  • Compare / Contrast. Compare or contrast characters.
  • No sound. Play the video muted. Have students guess what's happening or what the characters are saying.
  • Ask questions. Ask yes / no, true / false, or open ended questions.
  • Spot the mistake. Write false sentences and have students fix them.
  • Look for specific info. Such as grammar, functions, or vocabulary.
  • Guess. Stop the video at a very interesting part and have the students guess what will happen next. 
  • What can you remember? Have students write down as many things as they remember seeing.
  • Back to back. Have the students sit back to back so that only half the class can see what's happening. The half that can see has to describe what is happening to the other half.
  • Strip script. Take a short dialogue from the film and cut it into strips so there is one sentence on each strip. Have students order the dialogue before they watch the video. 
  • Role play. Take some of the expressions from the video and have students create a role play using the expressions correctly.
  • Interviews.  They have to ask and answer questions based on the character's personality or actions.
  • For or against? If students are watching a debate or discussion they can write down the arguments for both sides and then share their personal opinions with the class.
  • Solve it. When a problem arises in the movie. Stop the film and ask the students how they would solve it. 


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