Friday 27 June 2008

3 Tips for Moving to Another Country

Updated 22 October 2013

1. Bring Enough Money
Make sure you have enough start-up cash. Some places will provide everything you while other might make you pay rent, buy furniture, food, and pay for transport. Remember you don't need to bring everything with you, for packing tips check out Goodhouse Keeping's packing list.

2. Learn How to Adjust
Making friends helps a lot and don't forget to keep in touch with people back home. Moving is stressful enough, but when you move to another country you can feel overwhelmed. 30 days to move abroad is a great book that makes moving overseas a breeze. Knowing about culture shock and how it'll affect you will help you as well.

3. Learn the language
Try to take some classes before you leave. You can find out how by reading learning the local lingo. Learning the language can mean adjusting to the lifestyle or remaining an outsider. This article has been featured in the ELT Times.



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