Wednesday 22 May 2013

Quick Tip: Greet and Say Good-bye to Your Class

I've worked in schools that require students to stand up at the beginning of class and bow to their teacher or say good morning to their teacher and I never really liked it. I thought it was superficial and I never did it.

I'd always just start class by telling my students to open their books. One day I did that and one student loudly said, "good morning teacher" and really put me in my place. I also then read that saying good morning teaches respect. It also might be the only time they speak to an adult (which I think might be debatable, but still).

I decided to start saying good morning or good afternoon to my class as well as finishing up the class by saying good-bye. I think it's worth it. It lets the students know that I respect them. It also clearly marks the beginning and end of each class. It's something that I think all teachers should do.


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