Thursday 10 January 2013

Good Websites for Teachers Looking to Save Money

Easy Budgeting
If you're trying to teach kids about budgeting, try the 1-2-3 method. You share $1, save $2, and can spend $3. If there's a Sam's Club or Costco near you then try going there to fill prescriptions, get glasses, or buy liquor. Even if you're not a member, you're allowed access to this. You can find more budgeting ideas at budgeting tips for teachers abroad.

Free Money

  • Long-term care insurance is something worth investing in.

Swaps and Trades

US Tax Info
If you're an American or US resident and if you sell something for less than you bought it then you don't have to pay tax. However, if you made a profit then you will have to fill out Schedule C. If you're looking to save money these states have no sales tax: Alaska, Florida, Nebreska, New Hampshire, South Dakora, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.


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